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There would be comedy in the situation, nevertheless, if it weren’t so indicative of the present point out of affairs. Needless to say a terrorist would choose to document and attack the location which might strike most dread in to the hearts and minds of the British men and women: Chatham Substantial Avenue. Obviously.

Follow the back links for more information. Some aged news, but that’s the 1st I’ve heard of the City Of London law enforcement “suggesting” that photographers should carry ID and be ready to remedy questions on why They can be having photos.

A warning for the people of a anxious or delicate disposition (as they utilized to say many years in the past within the just one-channel tv of some time) – This is a profanity of the overseas character, as I very predicted!

LOL Dave you’re the man! Thanks for sticking using this type of for thus long. I experience like we must have satisfied by now given the contributions you’ve created to this put up. If ever you’d like to do that mail me a message by means of the Get hold of button. We’re merely a city far from one another.

I had been explained to which i couldn’t photograph Ramsgate Library in the event you simply click the website link from the header of the remark you'll be able to go through the relatively weird write-up about it

I concur Together with the feedback pertaining to how crucial these photos will likely be Sooner or later, In particular Using the regenaration that is occurring. You only have to have a look at how common the textbooks are that have photos of Medway earlier.

Perhaps Jessica’s employer need to be informed a few attainable misuse of council IT equipment, breach of council Computer system use plan, or misuse of employer’s time (in addition to the clear not enough drafting means)?

@ anna – nothing in composing from Kent Police however. They’ve verbally knowledgeable me that they’re searching for to wrap up their preliminary investigation early next week. The IPCC wrote to me to verify the criticism were referred to them and which they experienced made a decision it absolutely was a issue for Kent to analyze.

Amazing. Thanks for publishing this. These bureaucrats & police who draft & put into action these guidelines are destroying the very freedoms they say they would like to secure.

You salute her, Cally? Would that be a Nazi salute by any chance? It may just be real that you want to are in a rustic where Most people is tightly managed during the name of ‘safety’. If that is definitely genuine, emigrate to Russia.

I requested if I used to be free of charge to go and keep on to choose shots while in the Significant Road, she educated me that I was; PCSO xxxxx added provided that you don’t acquire any photographs of us. At this time I walked away sensation upset, embarrassed and traumatised from the gatherings.

Probably Kent Law enforcement (and particularly Medway Division) should heed many of the stuff popping out on the inquiry into the Metropolitan Law enforcement’s managing with the G20 demonstrations before this calendar year; it doesn’t make really looking through to the police when beginner footage of law enforcement abuse is welcomed by some MPs.

Could website you picture the piss having the WPC received from her collegues. ” Dont go I've a loaded digicam” or ” are you posing with the law enforcement gazzette”

You show up to have already been arrested beneath the Terrorism Act for an offence which isn't covered through the Terrorism Act, citing a piece of claimed Act which isn’t applicable. What led for your arrest was your perfectly lawful behaviour in having non-commerical photography in general public. Your particulars were wrongly demanded by private security guards, who once you declined to obey, called in the Plastic Plod, who identified as in the true police.

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